If I had a dollar for every beam fall…

Heads up Americans. YouTube is live streaming WAG All-Around at the Commonwealth Games in the SSE Sinkhole right now. (2:37 p.m. 7/30/14)

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Thank you again! Sorry I didn’t see this right when you sent it, but I just checked and they’re still showing it!

(In your opinion) Do you think that it is better to over analyze things or make spontaneous decisions?

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I feel like you should always go with your instinct, so I guess that’s more on the spontaneous side? I mean there’s always exceptions and things that need to be thought through, but even when you make the wrong decision, you learn from it!

Football practice starts in three days... how are you spending your free time before then?

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working! and trying to get stuff ready for the school year, but I’m ready for football to get going. I’ve missed it!

I know that you love where you live now, but what is something that would make you want to move away?

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There’s nothing that would really make me want to leave, but I’m always open to new things, so I can’t wait to go somewhere else for college! 

I miss being close to all of my family in California though. That’s probably the only negative!

Favorite ice cream flavor?

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probably rocky road or something like that, but my weakness is chocolate drumsticks…

Do you know how tall Claudia Fragapane is? I know she's really small because there's a lot of height difference with the other girls is GB team but I can't find it anywhere!!

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I’m not sure sorry!

GYMNASTSLIFE what do you think of the new SSE Hydro arena? (site for Worlds 2015) I need to vent. First of all it looks like they are doing gymnastics in a sinkhole. Why have a podium if the staging area is so much lower than the main audience? 2nd, I am not a fan of men & women competing together. No other sport does this.You don't see professional golf trading off or soccer, one half plays men, one half plays women. Third, this team final two day format bites! Other than that I love the CWG!

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haha I see what you mean about the sinkhole! I think it looks kind of cool though and it’s beautiful from the outside! Not really a fan of the two day thing either. Honestly though, I’m just glad that I get to watch for a little bit since they’re showing it on YouTube right now!

Heads up Americans! WAG is live streaming on YouTube for the Commonwealth Games right now! (Commonwealth Games channel) 12:00 P.M. DST 7/29/14

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Thank you so much! Here’s the link for anyone who’s interested!

Are you for going back to compulsory routines in gymnastics?

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I can’t really decide to be honest.

I’d like to stay as it is now because I think it would just be too many changes and I think things should stay somewhat constant because fans get confused really easily.

but at the same time, it seems like a good idea because of the whole high difficulty vs. execution debate.

For some reason, I’m never really able to form a concrete opinion when it comes to things like this.