How was your first day of school?

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First couple of days were good! I love getting out at 1:30 compared to almost 4:00 for the past six years. I have to be back for football at 4:00 anyway, but I can still sit in the training room and work on homework instead of going home for a little bit if I want.

Not all of my classes have started yet because a couple of them are for college credit and the professors don’t start coming to our school until next week, but so far I think it’s gonna be an awesome year!

I think I am going to take a break from gymnastics this year. Anyways I can stay fit?😊

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Swim, run, ride your bike, condition… anything! There’s so much you can do and if you’re planning on starting gymnastics again at some point down the road, make sure you continue to work on your flexibility because that can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with when trying to get back.

How tall are you?

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about 5’5, maybe 5’6.

The ice bucket thing wasn't well executed and many do it for selfish reasons, but having lost someone to ALS, I don't mind it. The association raised over 5 million in 2 weeks, and at least the name is out there as something to donate to so even if people do it selfishly/without knowing what it is I think it's still doing SOME good. at this point, any small amount of awareness/money for a not well known disease helps. But that's just my opinion and I completely understand the other side of it

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Yeah I can absolutely see both sides of it. Like it’s definitely raised a lot of awareness and part of that has transferred over to monetary donations, which is great. It’s just the people who make a video and spend more time trying to make it funny or whatever instead of, I don’t know, maybe researching a little bit about ALS? I bet half the people who’ve done the challenge couldn’t tell you what ALS stands for when asked on the spot. I’m sure some people have taken the time to become educated, but it’s the people who think they’re a hero because they dumped some ice on their head. Sorry, but athletes take ice baths all the time. So yeah, it’s definitely good to see the awareness growing, but I don’t think you should donate to something just because other people are doing it, you know? I guess that’s not really my place to say, but I wish people would think more in terms of what they could be doing to help instead of just following the crowd because of a nomination. I 100% agree that it has been executed poorly though. It’s kind of like that game telephone… the idea was good, but the original thought can’t be held and carried through because the point is lost over time.

Non gym related question: what is your opinion on the ice bucket challenge? I think it's great that it's raising awareness but awful that people would rather dump a bucket of water over their head than donate to a cause. also, we are in one of the worst droughts (in California's) history! what do you think?

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I realize that the challenge is designed to raise awareness and that’s great, but if you need to be “nominated” to dump water on your head or donate, you need the re-evaluate what you’re doing.

Perfect example is something that happened between two of my teammates.

"I nominate you for the ALS ice bucket challenge!"

"No that doesn’t do anything."

"Yes it does! It helps spread awareness!"

"Alright… then what’s ALS"


So yeah. I feel like a lot of people only do it to feel like they’re doing something good, but in reality, ALS won’t ever cross their mind again unless it directly affects them or someone they’re close to, which is sad, but it’s the truth.

If people really wanted to do something genuine, they wouldn’t feel the need to make a video about it and let everyone know.

There’s also countless other diseases/conditions out there with foundations who need donations as well, so I wish people would educate themselves and donate to something that is close to them or they’re passionate about.

I feel like I could go on forever but I’ll leave it at that for now.

about the drought, that sucks. It’s sad because the drought not only affects agriculture, but it’s linked to pretty much everything. Food prices will go up. Air quality may decrease. Wildlife may suffer. It’s never ending. I was talking to my grandfather on the phone the other day and he was like “no wonder we’re in a damn drought, all people do these days is dump ice water on their heads.”

Non gym Q... How much have you spent for back to school? Supplies, clothes, everything...

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I got a new North Face bookbag and that was $70. My last one was also a black North Face, but it’s taken such a beating over the past couple of years because when I was on crutches for so long, I couldn’t carry anything so I would literally shove as much crap into my bookbag as would fit so the corners are all torn and ish haha.

Supplies I would say maybe like $50? Most school supplies aren’t that expensive, but I can guarantee that at least half of that was just binders alone. 

I honestly never went on a “back to school shopping” excursion this year. With having football start August 1st, the summer kinda got away from me and I never really had much time, so I haven’t bought much. I think I got like 3 shirts and a pair of jeans so probably like $150. My mom and I are going out of town for a couple of nights in a few weeks for a shopping trip though, so I’ll end up getting some more stuff then.

My mom lectured me earlier because I told her I was gonna go buy some more clothes and a new pair of rainbows but I never had time, so now she says I don’t “follow through” and she’s “disappointed in me” so holla at that.

To the person who asked if people who don't wear shorts wear briefs, we aren't allowed to wear shorts and some of us wear briefs and some don't. There's really no pattern as far as I can tell hahaha. I've gone both with and without briefs, it doesn't make too much of a difference for me, but that's just me haha everyone has their own preferences I guess.

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Yeah it’s definitely just personal preference. There’s no right or wrong answer.

Top 5 USA gymnasts of all time? I know it's hard to decide haha

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I don’t know if I’m old enough/qualified enough to answer this question?

No matter what I say, I’m sure I’ll forget someone and this is basically impossible to do because of all the different codes/scoring systems.

Like I could say that Mary Lou was one of the best, but you could argue that her vault was a tusk full and that doesn’t compare to what’s being done at this time.

However, I will say that whether or not Simone makes it to Rio, she is unarguably one of the best gymnasts to ever come from the US.

so this is probably a really random/weird question but all of my teammates wonder the same thing. We've always been allowed to train with shorts, but when we see girls at other gyms that don't we wonder if they wear briefs under their leo everyday..? Or do they just wear a leo?

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I can’t really speak for everyone, so I don’t know if this answers your question or not, but I’d say most teenagers who can’t wear shorts always wear underwear under their leo… but I can’t say for sure because there’s always people who do the opposite. We were allowed to wear shorts any time except for the week of a meet, but I always wore underwear no matter what.

Who is your favorite gymnast? Mine would have to be Aly Raisman or McKayla Maroney.

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Ivana Hong or Sam Peszek! Completely different gymnasts so I can’t really pick one!